official concept -
inofficial concept
WeAreNotSisi - an Art Project featuring 25 artists from Austria in the Netherlands. Taking place September 17 - October 4 in De Vondelbunker in Amsterdam.

In a rotating exhibition the artists will present their works or build it in the Vondelbunker respectively. It forces them to interact with the people from the Bunker, the location and the public of the Vondelpark that is invited to join "WeAreNotSisi".

In other words:

the exhibition project wearenotsisi embarks on the enterprise of deconstructing the codes of homeland- projections and touristic stereotypes of Austrians.
20 Austrian artists and the collective Schijnheilig will be starring in the artistic occupation of the vondelbunker to evolve their work (in progress) .

Performative comments, sculptures, music, painting and design will dismantle and reflect on Austria┬┤s propensity for the past and will find answers to the question: who is actually "we"? There will be tears and neurosis, of course. It will be brutal.
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